Finding common grounds

Rugby World Club 10s

Tue, 04/23/2019

Local and International Media relations/ Public lobbying / Crisis Management


Situation – Organisation of the second edition of the Rugby World Club 10s in Mauritius(First edition took place in Singapore)

The Organiser wanted to organise the a world class rugby tournament in Mauritius.
The brief was clear: The media coverage should also be world class. Both in local and international papers.

The organiser and the Rugby Union of Mauritius wanted to democratise rugby in Mauritius.
After the rugby event, there was an incident where international rugby players were physically attacked by some rogues.


Maluti’s Consulting role

  • Media relation strategy and implementation of strategy.
  • Full liaison with international journalists – identification of media, organisation of air transport, local transport, as well as accommodation and accreditation in Mauritius.
  • Accreditation for local press
  • Liaison with embassies for the organisation of special events for international players (including media coverage)
  • Liaison with schools for demonstration by the pro players (including media coverage)
  • Crisis management after the accident (local and international)


  • The event had an excellent international coverage. For the first time in Mauritius, Rugby had such a massive coverage.
  • The numbers of children enrolling for rugby as a sports rocketed after the event.
  • The crisis was successfully managed despite the initial negative publicity of international players having been attacked in Mauritius. This is supported by the fact that the event took place for the next two years in Mauritius – with some of teams where players were attacked.

Local and International Media relations/ Public lobbying / Crisis Management