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Building Trust – Shaping Reputations – Mitigating Risks – Driving Results

Building Trust - Shaping Reputations - Mitigating Risks - Driving Results

Maluti Communications is an independent Public Relations, Reputation Management and Communications company based in Mauritius, an island state strategically located at the crossroad between Africa and India. Established in 2003, the company boasts a robust leadership team with practitioners that leverage on a mix of professionalism, their intrinsic knowledge of the local ecosystem and on the company’s international affiliations with renowned communication advisory firms and specialized advocacy firms.
Maluti Communications is built for this era of perpetual changes: we adapt, analyse, navigate and engage with clients, who may have business-critical issues, and help them build bridges with their different audiences. The company’s motto, “Bridging You,” reflects Maluti Communication’s commitment to engaging clients with targeted audiences and stakeholders and building ongoing, mutually beneficial working relations.

Bridging you – Our Brand Promise :

With its consistent track record and international network, Maluti Communications stands as a reliable partner for Strategic Public Relations, Reputation Management and 360 Communications services, helping clients effectively navigate the ever-evolving reputational landscape to achieve their desired goals.

Building Trust : by promoting transparency, accuracy, consistency, and authenticity in the mutual dialogue between our clients and their target audiences

Mitigating Risks : by assisting clients in identifying and addressing risks that may arise for them in the public relations and communication realms.

Shaping Reputations : by building, managing, and elevating our clients’ public image in a positive and strategic manner, including by leveraging on traditional media relations and digital platforms, on internal communication, and on reputational crisis management.

Driving Results : by committing to achieve tangible and measurable outcomes for clients, such as brand visibility, improved reputation, higher sales, or positive stakeholder engagement.


With a strong focus on delivering tangible results, Maluti Communications undertakes projects locally, regionally, and internationally.

Our clients benefit from our close affiliations and ongoing working relationships with selected international strategic communication firms, with whom we partner either on an ongoing basis or for ad-hoc projects. Our international partners are the global business communication advisory firm FTI Strategic Communications, the international strategic advisory consultancies BLJ London and Avisa London, and the international strategic communications and media firm Pont Partners in London and Paris.

We also partner with trusted associated regional reputation management and communication companies and other professionals when a project demands it.


We aim to generate the best possible integrated communications solutions to accompany our clients towards their business goals, while elevating the role of our profession and being an engaged corporate citizen.


To always retain our integrity and spirit of independence, and act with what resonates with our company and personal values, and always say and do what is right for us, clients, colleagues and communities, even more so in difficult situations


To deliver excellence to clients, by fully respecting the principles of truth and ethics on which our profession leverages and through which is it elevated


To thoroughly and consistently be self-motivated and self-disciplined, and always act as a leader of the company.


To be dedicated to the company’s mission, to our country, and to each collaborator, and acknowledge that we are part of something bigger.


To all be actively searching for and harmoniously merging new, disruptive ideas into existing processes, with innovation coming from both inside the company and from external sources.


To strive to keep pleasure at the forefront of everything we do and keep clients happy, but also focus on ensuring that the team is finding joy in their work, as a unit and as individuals.


Mauritius is an island state of about 1.25 million people (2021) located off the southeast coast of Africa, neighbouring the French island of La Reunion. The country’s economy has made great strides since independence in 1968 and is now classified as an upper-middle-income economy. The country’s key challenges include managing the transition to a knowledge-based economy and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Mauritius became a high-income country in 2020 based of pre-Covid data. However, the impact of the pandemic caused a slip back to upper-middle-income status in 2021. Despite its successful handling of the public health emergency, the economic impact was severe. GDP growth rebounded by a modest 3.5% in 2021, and accelerated to an estimated 8.3% in 2022, supported by the strong tourism recovery.


Our agency leverages on a talented team of fully qualified professionals that cumulate decades of experience. Our clients get the direct benefits that come with experience, in addition to a support team that are not populated by junior staffers.

We regularly collaborate with our network partner, the international strategic communications firm FTI Consulting or with the international strategic advisory consultancies Pont Partners based in Paris, BLJ London, and Avisa London. We also join forces with trusted associated companies and other professionals on specific projects.




Marina, is the founder of Maluti Communications and Maluti Training, a training school. registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority.  Marina believes that to be a good leader, a solid reputation management expert, and an engaged citizen, one must leverage on one’s professional expertise, but also have the courage to be a troublemaker if necessary, to be aligned with one’s values.  This is, according to Marina, how good things happen.

And this is how she has steered Maluti Communications and Maluti Training over the last two decades.

Marina holds a Bachelor and a Masters in Communication Management (RSA), with a specialisation in reputation and crisis management. Maluti’s clients describe her as a very active, hands-on and engaged collaborator.

With 20+ years of career in Corporate Communications and Reputation Management first in South-Africa and then in Mauritius, Marina has been an advisor and partner to many companies as well as governmental bodies/authorities. These include most of the large local conglomerates, quite a few parastatal government bodies such as the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, key associations of employers such as the Mauritius Sugar Producers’ Association, the Chamber of Agriculture, or Business Mauritius which federates over 1200 companies, and quite a few ministries. Marina also actively supports and advises numerous Small and Medium enterprises and entrepreneur(e)s.

Marina is also regularly called upon to work on challenging public affairs projects, at a national level. While not being involved in any political issues, Maluti assists in the aftermath of various national disasters, for example in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Wakashio oil spill during the pandemic, or the re-opening of Mauritius’ frontiers post-Covid.

Over the last twenty years, Marina has also been called upon to regularly give lectures at local universities, over and above delivering trainings for Maluti.

Marina has worked on communication projects with clients in Europe – mainly UK and France, in South Africa, the Indian Ocean region and the UAE, as well as work with a Mumbai based company.

On the social front, she is an engaged citizen and member of various local NGOs’. 

Marina also strongly encourages the whole Maluti team to volunteer time and skills for communication and reputation management projects for charities.




After a short spell in the legal field, Darish, today a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a Masters in Marketing Management from Curtin University of Technology, shifted to communications. He never left our intriguing world of communications and PR since November 2007 when he joined Maluti Communications.

Over the past 15 years, Darish has accumulated solid experience in public relations and marketing. On one hand, such prized skills and knowledge enable the senior partner of Maluti to churn out quick solutions in times of crisis. On the other, Darish plans, develops in a creative way bespoke communications and PR strategies for clients.

Over and above his immediate availability on the professional side, Darish is a strong advocate and supporter of international NGOs which work for human rights, poverty alleviation, and education. A former active member in an international gender equality organization, he strives for gender equality as that’s the way for a community, country, and economy to move ahead. As a citizen, he remains committed and dedicated to national causes.

Darish is an avid hiker and has a passion for traveling, discovering and embracing new cultures.




Anushka is a public relations strategist with extensive professional management experience in the public and private sectors. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Technology – Mauritius, she has, over the past ten years, been engaged in community, government, and corporate communications, mastering media relations; events and communications planning and creation; issues and crisis management; philanthropy and cause-related communication; digital communication including social media and Web 2.0, as well as website content management.

Prior to joining the team at Maluti Communications, Anushka worked as a journalist for local daily newspapers, before doing agency work as Brand Marketing Executive, planning and developing marketing strategies for various international brands represented in Mauritius, monitoring market trends and readapting her approach to cope with the demands of the industry.

During her career, Anushka has had the opportunity to direct numerous media relations efforts for major corporate organisations on a national scale, be it for profile-raising opportunities, brand awareness campaigns, or public affairs and crisis communication efforts.