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SPICE Finance Renews Commitment to the Global Rainbow Foundation’s HOPE Initiative

SPICE Finance Renews Commitment to the Global Rainbow Foundation’s HOPE Initiative

SPICE Finance, a leading financial industry player, reaffirms its dedication to promoting inclusion and dignity for individuals with disabilities by supporting the 2nd edition of the HOPE Initiative by the Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF).

This civic partnership between SPICE Finance and the Global Rainbow Foundation was celebrated during a meeting held on October 18 at the SPICE Finance offices. It provided an opportunity for both partners to reiterate their commitment to the most vulnerable beneficiaries.

The HOPE Initiative, a social venture by the Global Rainbow Foundation, aims to foster the inclusion of differently-abled individuals in society and offer them a more dignified life. This year, SPICE Finance renews its support for this noble cause by donating 15 assistive devices to beneficiaries from low-income families. These devices include motorized wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, medical beds, and adaptive equipment.

Vikash Tulsidas, Chief Executive Officer of SPICE Finance, stated during the donation ceremony: “At SPICE Finance, we believe in corporate social responsibility and the importance of supporting initiatives that change the lives of the most vulnerable in our society. We are proud to partner with the Global Rainbow Foundation for the 2nd edition of the HOPE Initiative and provide support to these 15 deserving beneficiaries for a better, independent, and inclusive life.”

Beejaye Ramchurn, Chief Operation Officer of the Global Rainbow Foundation, added, “The GRF’s HOPE Initiative aims to bring positive change to the lives of people with disabilities by offering them the opportunity to live with dignity and autonomy. We are grateful to SPICE Finance for their generous support, which will enable us to successfully accomplish this mission and have a positive impact on the lives of these 15 beneficiaries and their families.”

This 2nd edition of the HOPE Initiative by the Global Rainbow Foundation, supported by SPICE Finance, seeks to provide comfort and independence to beneficiaries through manual or motorized assistive devices. By facilitating access to education and employment opportunities, it also promotes the social and professional integration of beneficiaries, contributing to their overall well-being.

About SPICE Finance:

SPICE Finance Ltd has been specializing in customized leasing and fixed-term deposits for over 18 years to meet the financial needs of its clients. SPICE Finance Ltd also offers leaseback solutions to support its clients’ cash flow. As part of the AXYS Group, with around 170 employees, SPICE Finance Ltd helps businesses and individuals acquire movable assets at a competitive interest rate. Services are tailored to the specific needs of clients, and most applications are approved in less than 24 hours.

Visit SPICE Finance to learn more : https://www.spicefinance.mu/

About the Global Rainbow Foundation:

The Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) is an NGO dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities. “Rainbow” symbolizes the diversity of psychological and material support provided to these individuals to help them build or rebuild their self-confidence and develop enough assurance to succeed in life. The GRF aims to empower individuals with disabilities and vulnerable groups through education and training. The approach focuses on holistic human development so that these individuals can lead a happy and fulfilling life with dignity.

Visit the Global Rainbow Foundation to learn more about their impactful work : http://grftrust.org/