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Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Barcelona Conference-Retreat: A transformative experience 

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Barcelona Conference-Retreat: A transformative experience 

Manage my stress. Help my collaborators manage their stress. Move forward more serenely. Get healthier…. I recently had the huge chance of attending a conference-retreat led by Dr. Joe Dispenza in beautiful Barcelona. Over several days, I joined 2500 people of 88 nationalities (with me being the only Mauritian) in an immersive journey that left me feeling… unlimited is the best word I find.

If you don’t know Dr. Joe Dispenza yet, it first means that we are not friends because I have been mentioning him for years. But it also means that you are missing out big time. Dr. Joe started out as a chiropractor, and is today a neuroscientist and author, whose work in neuroscience, quantum physics, and epigenetics is groundbreaking.

  His own story is kind of miraculous. After a bad accident left him with a shattered spine, he used the power of his mind to heal himself, defying medical advice to undergo surgery. This experience ignited his lifelong quest to understand the mind-body connection and teach others how to harness their inner potential. And since COVID, the medical community has been even more engaged with him, exploring the unlimited potential of humans when we get out of our own way.

The retreat itself was an intense and beautiful experience. My team often tells me that my brain is like superglue – it works too fast at times! But I had to sit still and still my brain because it was, in part, a meditation boot camp. Picture this: me, trying to be a zen master, while my brain is trying to remind me of the work I left at home, the health of my dad, my daughter’s exam and my other daughter’s exam prep, my extra weight, and if I left enough food for my dogs…. But meditating under the guidance of Dr. Joe, and in harmony with 2500 souls was just a mind-blowing experience, with very little interference from my “external” world.

Dr. Joe brings a tremendous amount of research and scientific explanation to his retreats, meaning you listen to the science of change, neuroplasticity, repatterning illness, and the roles of the pineal gland as it relates to self-coherence, for hours on end. Yes, hours on end! My sometimes skeptical brain had to learn a new understanding of the nature of reality – over and over again.

The lectures drilled concepts through repetition and group discussions, and we heard several testimonials and presentations of both medical research and application of the method elsewhere, including in the corporate world.

Was it mega intense and time-consuming? Absolutely! Would I go back? Tomorrow if I could!

Dr. Joe’s retreats are not just events—they are journeys into the depths of our potential, reminding us that we can create the life we desire. For us, and, as leaders, for our collaborators. And I had the plus of beautiful Barcelona, paella and sangria! Que demande le peuple!!!