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Celebrating the Power of Women on this Special Day!

Celebrating the Power of Women on this Special Day!

This week, I had the privilege of attending a beautiful celebration of women by women, at Denton’s House, honouring the historic event of August 9th, 1956 in South Africa: a march led by 20,000 courageous South African women from all walks of life, religion and colour, accompanied by their children. This united demonstration was a one-of-its-kind protest against the oppressive ‘pass’ law imposed by the then apartheid government, which severely restricted the movement of black women. This law not only enforced racial discrimination but also limited opportunities for black women, imposing countless more hardships on their everyday lives.

Despite facing immense risks, these super brave South African women refused to accept their subjugation. The unity displayed by the 20,000 mums and their kids during this historic march is a testament to the power of women standing together for a common cause: their collective strength forced the apartheid government to acknowledge their grievances and ultimately back down.

While we have come a long way, the struggle for equality of all kinds is an ongoing journey, including in Mauritius where the poor/rich gap is increasing daily. Women in particular, here and around the world, face countless challenges, including unequal opportunities, gender-based violence, and societal biases in many forms and shapes. I loved learning about the 1956 march and telling my girls about it. What these peaceful freedom fighters in South Africa did stands as a reminder that change is possible when women unite and refuse to accept injustice.

I just wish we would do it more often. Or rather, what should we put in place so we can do it more often?

Thanks Priscilla Balgobin Bhoyrul and Kate Bosman for including me. Loved it.

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