Let’s Work Together

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It was a real pleasure to link up with all last week, for the webinar with Lionel Pagès.

As you discovered, Lionel is a coach and “caregiver” in the broad sense and created a centre near Paris where he takes care of people who are exhausted or in burnout, or who want to maintain a high level of vitality to cope with stress over time.

You will find below a link for the webinar you attended with him, should you wish to share it with your teams at work – or with your family and friends as Lionel’s advice is sound not only for professional purposes.

Please also find attached a couple of the tips sent by Lionel on the tips he shared with us, based on the incomplete assumption that we all spontaneously think that maintaining work performance under pressure requires above all a strong mind. In fact, this is true – but only when the pressure does not last a long time!

When the pressure lasts for a prolonged time, it is essential to have, in addition to a strong mind, a healthy, fit and vital body …. We must thus not “manage stress” but must rather prepare ourselves for it. If and when we are managing stress, it means that it’s already too late: we must already be close to burnout or already charred!

Hope you enjoyed the webinar and that this hour we shared together was useful.

s you may know, Lionel and Maluti Communications have united to help companies in Mauritius face Covid (and beyond). So please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to investigate further “Preparing for Stress” in these times of unprecedented pressure.

The coaching method, which can be done in videoconferences, is made up of simple training sessions to help professional teams under constant stress: you will maintain vitality, preserve your health and that of your teams and restore “comfort” at work (and home) as well as competitiveness.