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Sometimes you win and Sometimes you learn – Robert Kiyosaki

Fri, 03/12/2021

We have been lucky. For several months, our island was considered COVID safe and life had returned back to a semblance of normal. However, if the past week has taught us anything – it's that this virus is very stubborn and wily. And at Maluti Communications, we learnt to be as stubborn and willy. Admittedly, we limped, like the rest of the world, we limped and crawled through the first wave of COVID-19 cases that hit us in Mauritius last year. We realised that a new normal IS possible (shout-out to those who don’t like changes!) and through our trial and errors, we learnt.

And as a PR & Communications company, boy! We did learn a lot! Communication during confinement can be much more effective than during “normal times”. People are stuck indoors with their phones and laptops as a distraction among few others. Messages are much more easily and quickly reached than it would have been otherwise. One simple video or post gets twice as much clicks, likes or comments than usual.

Earned media, which Maluti Communications firmly believes in, gets to be in more demand than ever. They are perceived as more reliable news during a pandemic than in any other given time. Politics takes a back seat and human actions/ solidarity actions are more center front. There are less events happening which means that your message is more likely to get into the press.
We believe that a change in perception’s what was prescribed for this new lockdown. You have stories to share and messages to get across? Get in touch with us now and let’s show that this time – we learnt.