Maluti Communications

Who are we?


Many have come to know us because we were the PR solution providers during times of disruption.  But we’re so much more than that! Maluti is built for this era of perpetual disruption and we adapt, analyse, navigate and engage with our clients to build solid bridges between them and their different publics.  And repair less solid ones through mutual understanding. Bridges that will stand the test of time and interference.

Incorporated in Mauritius in 2003, Maluti is a result-focused and independent Public Relations & Communication agency, with a resourceful and determined team that thrives on challenges. Our reputation was built through PR strategies that bring concrete results - even more so in disruptive situations - on quality senior collaborators and on a strong professional network.

Our experienced team offers the nimbleness and flexibility needed to work in an ever-changing environment. We have a dynamic structure that allows us to assemble teams comprising specialists with experience matched to your brief.



Solutions & Sectors

Our solutions span strategic communications, public relations, public affairs, creative campaigns, stakeholder and community relations, content creation, digital and social media relations and crisis and risk PR among other.

Our experience covers many sectors of the economy: engineering, construction and development, financial services, healthcare, agro-industry, energy, consumer products, logistics, tourism and leisure, transport and information technology among others.

We work Global

Our clients also benefit from our affiliation with the international strategic communication firm FTI Consulting.

We also partner with trusted associated regional PR companies and other professionals when the project demands it.

We operate in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region, and on recurring projects in Dubai and India.

Our Mission

We aim to generate the best possible integrated PR solutions to accompany our clients towards their business goals, while elevating the role of PR.


Our Values


To be thouroughly honest and always do what is right fr clients,
colleagues and communities.
Creating Intimacy

with our sincere intention and efforts in all details so as to deliver excellence whilst elevating our profession at the same time.


Professional Elevation

between our company and our clients, through thorough mutual in-depth understanding in order to best serve them.
Loyalty teamates

who nurture dedication, polyvalence and autonomy, while fiercely acknowledging that we are part of a team, something bigger.


Meet the family

Our agency leverages on a talented team of fully qualified professionals that cumulate decades of experience. Our clients get the direct benefits that come with experience, in addition to a support team that are not populated by junior staffers.

When the project requires it, we partner with our network partner, the international strategic communications firm FTI Consulting or with trusted associated companies and other professionals on specific projects.


Marina Ythier JacobszMarina Ythier JacobszManaging Partner Maluti - Senior Public Affairs and Government Relations Adviser
Darish RamtohulSenior Partner Maluti - Strategic Communications
Anushka MootiaAnushka MootiaSenior Consultant Strategic Communications
Marina Ythier Jacobsz
Marina Ythier Jacobsz
Managing Partner Maluti - Senior Public Affairs and Government Relations Adviser
  • Launched Maluti PR & Communications in 2003 after a career in Public Relations both in South-Africa and in Mauritius.
  • Masters in Public Relations & Communication Management, with a specialisation in crisis communication.
  • Marina works on communication projects with clients in the Indian Ocean region and the UAE and in India, and managed numerous public affairs assignments with both the public and private sector, as well as international entities such as the EU. These include the reform of the whole local sugar sector, where Marina accompanied all the private sector stakeholders.
Darish Ramtohul
Senior Partner Maluti - Strategic Communications
  • Bachelor degree in Mass Communications, from Curtin University of Technology, Australia and a MSc in Marketing Management.
  • Joined Maluti Communications in November 2007.
  • With a strong public relations and marketing background, Darish contributes to the planning and creative development of communication and PR strategies for Maluti’s clients.
Anushka Mootia
Anushka Mootia
Senior Consultant Strategic Communications
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Technology, Mauritius. 
  • Over 10 years of experience in marketing, communications and public relations in the Mauritian market.