Navigating through covid-19

Use verified information to make informed decision

In times of crisis the spreading of fake news is facilitated by the thirst of people for information. Indeed, reliable information is key to gain control of the situation. When looking for information, consider the guidelines below.

  • Tune in to the government issued communications
    The government has a duty to relay verified information. Be sure to tune in to the daily press conferences lead by ministers and to read the official communiqués issued by the PMOs office.
  • Check reliable online newspapers regularly
    Local press is following the situation and also has a duty to relay verified information . Be sure to check newspapers with established information.
  • Look for the source of the information that has reached you
    While smartphones and social media spread news all day , very few of these news are true. They might be partially true or completely false. All content comes from somewhere, check the source of this information or ask the person who has provided or shared this information for its source.
  • Talk to professionals
    If you need medical information, call a doctor. If you need business information, contact established associations like Business Mauritius. In any case seek professional advice for any given decision that needs to be taken.