Navigating through covid-19

Guidelines to communicate internally during COVID-19

Talk to them. Even as the leaders are dealing with uncertainty and looking for solutions, keep your people in the loop. Give them a part in finding the solutions.


  • Speak clearly
    No complicated jargon or medical terms. Simplify the message you want to convey and adapt to your audience. While crafting your messages remember the 4 points you want them to understand and structure your text by order of priority.
  • Show control and leadership
    Your teams will want to know that you are facing this situation with all you have. Put the CEO and the executive team forward while communicating. Ensure that you are aligned.
  • Use your Company Values
    Act guided by your company values. Remember the values that you chose for your company? Those that are written on your website and your HR’s office? They are suddenly taking a new meaning and depth during this crisis. Lean on them and use them as your moral barometer and sure that your actions reflect them.
  • Choose empathy over fear
    While it is crucial to communicate using facts, this should not come at the expense of empathy. Your people now find themselves working in isolation from colleagues in difficult conditions. They are working while caring for their children and families. Make sure
    that you communicate in a way that encompasses your employees’ real concerns and always make it clear that their mental and physical wellbeing is your priority.
  • Open a dialogue
    While you make sure that leaders are communicating regularly with employees, it is important that they are given the opportunity to ask questions, give constructive feedback or voice concerns. This can be achieved by online solutions or even simple phone