Navigating through covid-19

Guidelines to communicate externally during COVID-19

  • Your voice counts
    Conglomerates and companies at large represent an important voice especially on an island like Mauritius. People rely on their leadership as much as on that of the Government to drive us all through this crisis. Remember that this is a time of high social scrutiny, as part of this community, as part of the Mauritian team, your stakeholders will want to know, what you think, what you are doing, how you are planning the future.
  • Coherence
    Whatever your audience , convey the same messages. Define the key messages or principles that will lead your response to this crisis and communicate accordingly. Your employees, your customers , your shareholders, your partners and the press must receive the same information. You might simplify the content to adapt to channels or stakeholders, but keep the same essence throughout.
  • Authenticity
    Leaders, CEOs, Managers usually present a strong and controlled facade. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and empathic if the situation demands it. Authentic response to crisis builds trust.
  • Place safety ahead of business
    As the pandemic starts to affect our country , people need to hear about their safety before hearing about how the crisis will affect your company in the short, medium or long term.
  • Gratitude
    Be grateful to those who are risking their lives to keep our country running, to your employees who are still working during confinement and to all the professionals saving lives.