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I don’t think that there is a better way of keeping your best employees than by empowering them.  Of course, retribution is essential and should be fair and well thought of and part of “empowerment”.  There are many HR companies that have strategies and formulas for employee “packages” nowadays.  However, what is a “great package” if employees are not empowered over and above financials?


Empowering can take many forms, but one should promote – and encourage – differences.  Even more so in a small structure like ours, differences and individuality are what brings about great ideas.


Lastly, employers should also promote the empowerment of the private lives of their employees.  Even more so with instant communication modes and the 9 to 5 work model that doesn’t exist anymore, it is essential that employees are encouraged to grow into their own model of work/life balance.


There is no ready-made solution and each company must find what works for them. But I remain convinced that empowerment should find a place in that solution.


  • Marina Ythier Jacobsz
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