Cool headed risk management

Work Accident resulting In death

Wed, 01/23/2019

Internal Communication / Media Management /Crisis Communication 


Situation – Employee had an accident at work which resulted unfortunately in death

While working on a major construction site for one of the leading shopping malls in Mauritius, one sub-contracted employee had an accident at work which resulted unfortunately in death. Coincidentally, the Marketing and Communication executive was out of the country and only the Project development manager was on site. 


Maluti’s Consulting role

  • Gather the whole management team and kick-off the crisis communications steps throughout the company. 
  • Gather all information and all stakeholders of the project and worked out how the accident took place and where the failings were. And from there worked out the communication to the media. 
  • Work out the internal communication with only necessary details to the staff. 
  • Handle the press through calls and statements.
  • Advised and accompanied the spokesperson through the dealings with the press and other stakeholders. 


  • With the early and swift management of this crisis, the company was seen as being supportive, transparent and collaborative with the authorities.
  • Through the communications sent to the media, the reputation of the company was upheld and was seen as being a caring employer dealt an unfortunate hand.  
  • With our advice, the family and the dependents of the employer were taken care of. 

Internal Communication / Media Management /Crisis Communication