Managing signals

Guiness World Record of Inicia

Thu, 04/23/2020

Example of Event Management and Internal Communication 

Situation – 40th anniversary celebration for Inicia Ltee (Leader in the egg industry in Mauritius)

The brief was clear: the event has to be impactful and all 250  employees should be involved.  Our first event proposal to the client was approved in the very first meeting. A Guinness World Records – Largest Scrambled Eggs.

Maluti’s Consulting role

  • Events management at all levels
  • Liaison with Guinness World Records and local organising team.
  • Media relation strategy and implementation of strategy.
  • Press (local & regional) visit to cover the event
  • Liaison with local NGO Caritas for food distribution


  • The event was covered across ALL local newspapers – making the main headlines in the leading weekly paper Weekend. 
  • The Inicia brand name was quickly at the top of the mind of everyone in Mauritius as the record was a first.
  • On the organisational side, the feedback was flawless. All went as planned. Inicia received special congratulations from Guinness World Records for having organised an event with such high standards.

Check Inicia on the Guinness World Record youtube channel