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Thu, 01/23/2020

Public Affairs/Strategic Communication/Media Management /Crisis Communication/Internal communication


Situation – NGO - Global Rainbow Foundation

GRF’s aim is to the promotion of the empowerment of people with handicaps.  GRF started its actions with various projects, including a high-cost Jaipur Foot limb replacement camp prior to its CSR accreditation, and therefore access to CSR company funding. GRF needed a raise profile to gain access “out of CSR” funds, mainly from the EU. GRF aimed at changing the laws around employability of people with handicaps, and a compete national review of the ecosystem


Maluti’s Consulting role

  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis of perception.
  • Media relation strategy and implementation of strategy.
  • Press (local, regional and Indian) visit to cover GRF various actions, including limb replacement camps.
  • Stakeholder education and engagement programme.
  • Coordination of events with high-profile ambassadors, including at Unesco in Paris.
  • Lobbied the government for changes in the law.


  • In a very short period, GRF has become an accepted reference for anything that is linked to disability in Mauritius and the region, by both media and authorities.
  • Laws have been reviewed through the prompting of GRF and Unesco pressure, including the one on employment of people with handicap.
  • High-profile media coverage, includign editorial coverage in India.
  •  The various projects received sufficient funds (even prior to CSR funding).
  • A very large percentage of the handicapped population in Mauritius and regionally is now connected, in one way or another, to GRF.

Public Affairs/Strategic Communication/Media Management /Crisis Communication/Internal communication