Cool headed risk management

Accompany 2 companies through a merger

Tue, 02/20/2018

Internal communication/Public Affairs/Industrial Relations Communicatiion/Media Management /Crisis Communication


Situation – Merger between BCE & Cogir

Two local construction companies decided to merge their operations into one.  One was the local oldest company, that had leveraged on a spirit of entrepreneurship. The other was part of one the biggest local conglomerate. There were no planned retrenchment but changes in working conditions and heavy changes in corporate culture.




Maluti’s Consulting role

  • Accompany both companies during the pre-merger period and post merger to help promote understanding for all stakeholders, and cooperation and coordination within internal stakeholders.
  • During and after the deal closes, assist management in maintaining the momentum, minimize culture confusion and work to improve employee morale.
  • Ongoing strategic advice throughout the transaction to navigate the sensitivities of communicating in both companies.
  • Raising new CEO’s profile and vision particularly with regards to his strategic vision for the merged company.
  • Highlighting the huge potential but also the threats to the merged company in the present local and regional context to key stakeholders including relevant ministry and trade union.
  • Ensuring close media monitoring with remedial actions being taken when necessary.


  • The merger took place with minimal trouble from the Trade Union.
  • The Ministry of Labour stayed alongside the company during the whole process, despite strong Union representation.
  • There was no majorly disruptive reports in the media, who remained balanced during the whole process.

Internal communication/Public Affairs/Industrial Relations Communicatiion/Media Management /Crisis Communication